Hausen (bei Schonungen)

Hausen is a small village in Lower Franconia most easily accessed from Schonungen, which is serviced by regular half-hour trains from Bamberg. There’s a bus from the station but it’s just as easy to walk the 2.5 km. There are a few more scenic if longer routes if you have the time and inclination. Of course, it’s not likely you’d be out this way if you weren’t going to enjoy the beers of Ulrich Martin but that in itself is a great reason to make the venture and beer always tastes better after a walk.

Privatbrauerei Ulrich Martin
old brewery
Hausener Hauptstraße 5
97453 Schonungen (Hausen)
Tel: 09727 40 30 11

Opening hours:
Closed Tuesday
Wednesday to Saturday 12:00 to 22:00
Sunday & holidays 10:30 to 21:30
Monday 17:00 to 22:00

Schonungen station 2.5 km/limited bus service

Founded in 1850, the original brewery closed down after a successful 100-year run. Bought up by Brauerei Hiernickel, it was utilized as a restaurant by various tenants until going out of business in 2000, and falling into disrepair for a number of years. Thankfully, brewer Ulrich Martin saw promise in the abandoned property and after a loving restoration, opened its doors once again in 2008. The exterior looks largely unchanged and if you knew not of its history, you’d swear little has changed since 1850. The interior, while maintaining a traditional vibe, exudes some nice touches which brings it unobtrusively into the modern era. It’s amazing what some paint, wall furnishings and flowers will do.

the cozy interior of Brauerei Ulrich Martin & his lovely Spezial

While not far from Bamberg, I had come from Munich for my visit and had traveled for four hours by local transport, followed by a surprisingly scenic stroll on the Apfelweg to get there. So, it would have been easy to be disappointed but that I was not. It was a Monday afternoon so finding it empty was unsurprising but I soon noticed all of the tables were reserved for not long after my arrival. No worries, before long, the server had a gorgeous looking Spezial in front of me and my thirst and expectations were met. 

G‘schnippelte Klöß & Martin UMtrunk

Though large roast meals are relegated to Sundays, not untypical for village pubs, they had some nice warm offerings to go with the more typical cold fare. I opted for fried dumplings with egg. You don’t see it so often anymore but basically, they fry left over dumplings and put either a fried egg or two on top, or in this case they scrambled some eggs in with them. It’s a simple but very tasty meal. I was just finishing up my Spezial so got the UMtrunk, an equally good Festbier. 

Pils & Weizenbock

As it turned out, I was at the Stammtisch though there was no sign for it. The waiter had put me there probably figuring I’d have a beer and leave. The locals welcomed me warmly though probably a bit taken aback at my shooting multiple photos of everything that came my way. I explained I had a website, gave out cards and pulled out a copy of my book Beer Hiking Bavaria for good measure. I ordered the Pils and was happy for a slightly lighter beer, surely a great thirst quencher in summer. When it became apparent I wasn’t going to make my train, I opted for the Weizenbock as my final beer. It was another winner and it prompted me to get a bottle of their Martini Bock to bring home.

Ulrich Martin stopped to say hello as we’d exchanged a few e-mails prior to my visit. I hope to return for one of his Bockbieranstich events. The locals told me they were great fun. I also want to return in summer to check out the reportedly great Biergarten and do a longer hike in the countryside. This is one place worth the effort to get there!

a successful second visit for the Martini Bock on tap

After two years, largely due to COVID restrictions, I finally returned to Ulrich Martin timed to sample their marvelous Martini Bock on tap. It was every bit as good as I’d imagined and the food was again excellent. I had a lovely rich celery soup and an ample plate of Krenfleisch. The beef slices very tender and the creamy horseradish sauce quite tasty. I guess I’ll have to return in March for their Josefi Bock!

Martin Rauch Märzen & Martini Bock

I finally got my wife out to Ulrich Martin. She’s wanted to go since my showing her the Geschnittene Klöße from my first visit here a few years ago. So, she was mostly going out for that but she loved the Martini Bock, which was still on tap. It seemed even better than last time I had it but I did get a small pour of their new Rauch Märzen, which was also quite good.

Josephi Bock & fried liverwurst

After three years of seeking out Martin’s Hellerbock, I made it during Lent for their lovely Josephi Bock. I finally tried the fried liverwurst and it was another winner in a line-up of traditional dishes at the cozy brewpub. They really do it all about as good as can be done.

nice to finally enjoy their lovely Biergarten

I finally made it out to Ulrich Martin in a warm weather month to enjoy their lovely Biergarten.  Their Spezial was flowing and they have a very good Sulze mit Bratkartoffeln for good measure.

Salzstangen & lots of leafy shade

Though I found the beer a notch fizzier than in their cozy pub, it was a very lush Biergarten with a good bustling atmosphere. I look forward to returning any time of year. It’s a can’t miss no matter when you can make it there.

I finally made it to their Josephi Bockanstich in March 2024 and it was even better than expected with a great atmosphere, excellent varied food and a gravity barrel of the Bock to boot. The Bock was much softer and even better from the barrel. We had a blast and sure we’ll try to get back next year.

Josephi Bockantich 2024


 Beers on tap: Spezial, UMtrunk, Pils, Weizen, Rauch Märzen and seasonally, a Hellerbock or Dunklerbock.

Beer calendar:
Josephi Bock (a Hellerbock) in March/ Josephi Bock gravity
Martini Bock (a Dunklerbock) in November
Weizenbock (at Christmas time)

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