Ulrich Martin UMtrunk

Ulrich Martin UMtrunk

Ulrich Martin
Hausen (bei Schonungen)
Style: Festbier

Color: light golden, massive rocky head

Nose: grainy, bready

Body: full
rich malt, nicely integrated grain, underlying hops
Finish: long, dry, bittersweet

on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was a bit of an odd beer for me in that I’d had the Spezial, which could easily be called a Festbier in some quarters. Also, the couple next to me where drinking the UMtrunk from a ceramic krug and for some unknown reason that made me feel it would be a darker beer. When it came out quite light in color, it kind of threw me. That said, it had a nice malty palate but with more of a grainy element than the Spezial and more hops up front. I think if this had been my first beer, I’d have liked it more but I still found it well-made, thirst quenching and deceptively strong at 5.4%.

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