Günther Bräu

brewery exterior
In d. Au 27
96224 Burgkunstadt

Tel: 09572 386650

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 8:00 to 17:00
Friday 8:00 to 13:00

Output: 7000 HL

Founded and in the same family since 1840, this regional brewery produces a large range of beers and has a fair reach in their area. Their pub and original brewery in the old town is closed and this new facility was built in 2005 due to increased production. It was the former site of their ice cellar.

the many bottles of Günther-Bräu beers I’ve enjoyed

Beers: Günther Bräu Pilsener, Günther Bräu Helles, Günther Bräu Lagerbier Bernstein, Günther Bräu Schwarzbier, Günther Bräu Weißbier, Günther Bräu Kellerbier, Günther Bräu Jubiläumsbier, Günther Bräu Landbier dunkel, Günther Bräu Hausbrauer, Günther Bräu Radler.

Seasonal Beers: Günther Bräu Maibock (in May), Günther Bräu Bockbier Dunkel (mid-October to the end of January), Günther Bräu Bockbier Hell (mid-October to the end of January)Günther Bräu Wintergold (mid-October to the end of February)

Bockbierfest in October
Kirchweich 1st weekend in September

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