Brauerei-Gasthof Trompete (Hofmühl)

Ostenstr. 3
85072 Eichstätt
Tel: 08421 98 17 0

Eichstätt Stadt Station 600m

Opening hours:
Daily 7:30 to 23:00

Though Hofmühl once had a Biergarten up near the brewery, it has long been closed and this fine hotel has taken over the mantel of the brewery tap. It’s got a modern brewpub feel but remains cozy. The English speaking staff are friendly and efficient servers. The decor is a mix of traditional and Americana.

a mix of modern & traditional

I was disappointed that none of their seasonal beers were on tap but that was communicated to me online prior to my visit so no complaints. They did have four of their regular beers on tap so certainly a good selection.  I started with their Hefeweizen while I perused their menu.

Hofmühl Hefeweizen & Märzen

I’d stopped in a market to see what Hofmühl beers I could pick up to bring home and since they didn’t have the Märzengold, I got a bottle at the restaurant and ordered a tasty soup. It was a rich beef broth with slices of strudel filled with Bratwurst. It was the second time I’d had this and I liked it once again.

Hofmühl Hell & Bratstrudelsuppe

I ordered the Helles and opted for the Schweinelendchen (pork loin pieces) in a pepper sauce with Rosti. This was again excellent though I’d have liked the meat to be cooked one notch less. It was still succulent and the sauce was tasty and not overpowering. I got a Dunkel to go with it and finished off with their Pils.

an tasty meal & a few more beers on tap

I’d spotted fried apple rings on the dessert menu but I was pretty full and decided to walk it off and pick up some beers to bring home. While I’m not sure I’ll be back in Eichstätt again, I know where I’ll eat if I am. The food was quite good and the beers decent. The bottles I picked up were mostly better than the beer on tap so perhaps some of the beers weren’t in their best form.

Beers: Hofmühl Hell, Hofmühl Dunkel, Hofmühl Privat Pils, Hofmühl Hefeweizen all on tap. Bottled Hofmühl Märzengold, Hofmühl Hefeweizen Dunkel plus low and non-alcohol versions of their Hell and wheat beer.

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