Hofmühl Hefeweizen Dunkel bottle

dark weissbier in glass with bottle

Hofmühl Hefeweizen Dunkel

Brewery: Hofmühl
Hefeweizen Dunkel
Color: unfiltered mahogany

off-white, rocky, yeasty
malty, fruity, some caramel
Body: medium

malty, fruity, some caramel
Finish: lingering

Served: from a bottle bought in Eichstätt

Impression: Another beer I was happy to see in a shop in town before going to the brewery tap as it was only available in a bottle there. This poured nicely and looked promising with a great head and fruity nose. It’s not bad but thinner flavor-wise than it smells. It never quite dries out and the finish is a bit on the cloying side. Glad to have tried, even happier to have not ordered one at the pub.

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