Beer Hiking in Tegernsee in winter just might be better

As perhaps Munich’s most popular lake getaway, Tegernsee has not only boating and swimming as its calling cards but stunning mountain scenery as well. Strolling on its promenade with an ice cream is de rigueur and there are countless places to have something to eat and drink while soaking in sun and views. Noted for hiking, the season extends well into autumn due to the relative low elevation of the surrounding hills. What about winter? If there’s not too much snow, you can still head out for a hike. If you’re lucky, there’s just enough snow to enhance the already breathtaking landscape.

the stunning Tegernsee in winter

A popular route is up to the Riederstein, a craggy peak with a quaint chapel atop. It can be a hot slog in summer so the colder temperatures in winter can be a bit of a blessing.

 the route to the Riederstein is understandably popular

Depending on your chosen ascent route, there can be views right off the bat but the final way up to the chapel involves the steps following the stations of the cross as this is a religious pilgrimage path. It’s a bit of a workout but it’s worth the effort.

 stations of the cross leading to the Riederstein views

The views from the Riederstein are fantastic and if you’ve still got the energy and there’s not too much snow, you could continue up to the Baumgartenshneid for a different perspective. I generally do it in summer and tried on my recent winter hike but turned back when I felt the snow was too deep to proceed safely. Maybe I was just getting hungry or thirsty, or both. Either way, I was soon sitting on the terrace of the Bräustüberl Tegernsee . I usually eschew the overly popular area in summer and sit in the atmospheric beer hall with its old world vaulted ceiling. It’s generally hot outside, even under the umbrellas and cool inside, something I covet after a hot hike. This was a rare sunny windless winter day and I grabbed an even rarer table all to myself. I enjoyed sitting in the sun, a great Dunkles and a well-deserved meal of Kassler (boneless smoked pork chops) with potato-cucumber salad.

some just rewards after your hike

Sitting outside in winter, under the right circumstances, is tough to beat. The sun is lower in the sky, its rays basking all it shines upon in a radiant warm light. It’s fleeting and doesn’t last long so you tend to appreciate it more. It’s a small window. When you see it open, you have to take it. That’s beer hiking in Bavaria in winter in a nutshell.

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    1. It’s been an eye-opener. I guess we tried a winter hike when we first moved over and it was too icy so we never went back out. It’s a bit of a timing thing but when you’re lucky, you sure are. Did the Mittenwald hike in reverse this past weekend, maybe the most spectacular scenery I’ve ever experienced in Bavaria.

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