How to keg a Weißbier on the way to the lake

Hopf Weißbiers are a staple in Bavaria and since being bought up in 2006 by Hacker Pschorr which has been gobbled up a few times itself, it is more readily available in further corners of the world too. That hasn’t kept them from winning lots of medals for their tasty wheat beers, nor taken their most noted achievement away. No, not being mentioned in Michael Jackson’s Beer Companion. They are perhaps most famous for being the first to successfully keg Weißbier, once thought to be much too volatile for such an endeavor.

the Weißbierbrauerei Hopf & Weißbräustüberl in Miesbach

While the renowned Weißbier is now even contract brewed in Thailand with yeast supplied from Hopf, there is little doubt that the best place to drink beer is at its original source, especially when the setting is as pretty as Miesbach, nestled in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

 the pretty hamlet of Miesbach

When looking for hikes for Beer Hiking Bavaria, Miesbach and Hopf were obvious choices. Frequent 45 minute trains from Munich main station take you breathlessly there. Stay on for another 10 and you’ll find yourself in Schliersee, one of the prettiest lakes in Bavaria.

 stunning Schliersee

One could rightfully argue that doing the hike from Miesbach makes more aesthetic sense. Finishing up at this lake is tough to beat. If it’s a hot day, being able to take a dip is a sure bonus. Since my book is a beer hiking guide, I wanted it to end at a brewery and that is does. By all means, feel free to reverse the directions or you could alternatively jump back on the train after lunch in Miesbach and in 10 minutes be back at the lake!  If you are not planning on doing that, you should definitely check out it out before getting on the actual trail to Miesbach.

 the walk out of Schliersee, past traditional houses

The walk out of town is charming and you can easily see why spending a week here is popular with Bavarians and tourists alike. Enzian is a schnaps made from a mountain plant and while it is a bit of an acquired taste (my wife says it tastes like ashes!), it does work wonders if you’ve eaten a Haxen. You’re quickly out of town and in a rural area with views of the foothills.

  quickly in the rural surroundings with views of the foothills

There are a few short forested sections but it’s mostly open so get an early start if it’s a hot summer day.

lovely scenery between Schliersee & Miesbach

 There’s a bit of elevation but nothing too strenuous and how else are you going to get views like these.

  a beer hike with great views & cows

There’s one nice lush section just before strolling into charming Miesbach.

  the last bits before Miesbach

Take a stroll through Miesbach on the way to the Weißbräustüberl or if too hungry, check it out afterwards. There are cafes for cake and plenty of shops selling traditional Bavarian clothing.

Miesbach is worth exploring before or after lunch

Well, it’s not much of a beer hike without a brewery so when you’re hungry, head over that way. Actually, the brewery itself is just north of the train station. To my knowledge there is no tasting room there so if you’re as thirsty as I am after a hike, head to their Weißbräustüberl. From photos, this is where the original brewery was located when the Hopf family took it over in 1921. There had been a brewery there since 1892.  Since production has grown exponentially, they surely outgrew brewing in the center of town. The pub is homey inside with a green tiled oven but if it’s a nice day, you’ll surely want to sit outside and enjoy a well-deserved and refreshing Hopf Weißbier! Try the Kalterbraten. It’s killer.

a well-deserved Weißbier & meal awaits you

Miesbach lies in Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern in German). There are 14 hikes in this region in my book Beer Hiking Bavaria along with another 36 from all over Bavaria. Each includes detailed descriptions of the hikes as well as information on the breweries along the routes plus some tasting notes on my favorite beers at each establishment.

It’s available in both English and German:
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