Schafferhof Zoigl

amber beer in mug
Schafferhof Zoigl

Brewery: Schafferhof
Town: Neuhaus
Color: light amber to golden
, unfiltered
white, rocky, creamy
light hop
soft, low carbonation
Palate: fruity, dry, hoppy

Finish: long, dry, bitter
from the tank at the brewery

Impression:  This was one Zoiglstube on my list for a long time. Owned and operated by the head of the Echter Zoigl association, I was hoping for a great place and Zoigl. For that very reason, I was fearful of being disappointed. As soon as it came out, my expectations went even higher as it was one of the prettiest Zoigl I’d ever seen. Unfiltered but not cloudy with a head both rocky and creamy if that is possible. The nose wasn’t strong but wasn’t particularly grainy and since Neuhaus Zoigl tends to be amongst the most hoppy, my guard came down. The first sip brought a smile to my face. It wasn’t overly bitter but had a distinctive hoppiness to the otherwise dryish fruity palate. It was at once one of the tastiest and most quaffable Zoigl I’ve had the pleasure to drink.

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