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Schafferhof Zoigl
Burgstraße 6
92670 Neuhaus
Tel.: 09681 917160

Opening hours:
Friday from 2:00
Saturday to Monday from 10:00
(check Zoigl calendar for weekends open)

Schafferhof Zoigl is one of the most cozy Zoiglstuben but the story of how it got to be that way makes it all the more endearing. The Schafferhof was built around the same time as the adjacent Neuhaus Castle around 1300. It was used as a farmyard and courtyard, where locals were called to work. In 1415, it was bestowed the rights to brew Zoigl. It went into the hands of the Waldsassen monastery in 1515 and then into private hands in 1799.

courtyardSchafferhof today

It served as a Zoiglstube in the 1950s and is said to have served its last one in the mid-60s from which point it fell into disrepair. In 1999, Gabi and Reinhard Fütterer began a loving restoration of the historically listed property with the help of the Neuhaus community. The large barn area is used for large events, from private parties to exhibitions to concerts/shows. The main Zoiglstube area is like walking into the Fütterer’s living quarters, as the best Stuben are. With a great old green tile oven, wooden floors and tables, it oozes warmth. In the back where the Zoigl is dispensed is a tile wall with a cast iron oven.

cozy interior of Schafferhof

Schafferhof was one of the last Zoiglstuben I got to. You don’t get to choose which place is open when you visit though I must say, on this occasion, I specifically went all the way to Neuhaus to do just that!  So, it would have been easy to be disappointed but that I was not. It was even nicer than I had imagined. I went on a cold Monday in November and in the middle of the afternoon so it was easy enough to get  seat but I could imagine that would not be the case on a Friday or Saturday night. The people who were there were certainly enjoying the atmosphere and service was quick and friendly.  The Zoigl came out looking a winner, which it was and it went super well with the Geräucherten-Roggen-Semmerl mit Kren (smoked beef on a fresh rye roll with horseradish). I was still hungry so I ordered Pressack mit Musik (jellied meat with vinegar, generously smothered in raw onions and peppers).  Everything was excellent and as is the case at Zoiglstuben, the prices are great value.

tasty food and Zoigl at Schafferhof

It would have been a successful enough visit even if local Zoigl guide Ferdinand hadn’t shown up but that he did. He told me the fascinating history of the Schafferhof and enjoyed checking out my new book Beer Hiking Bavaria, which has a few Zoigl hikes in it.  Thanks for stopping by.

Beer: Schafferhof Zoigl

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