Neder Gregor Bockbier

beer bottle with krug
Neder Gregor Bockbier

Brewery: Neder
in krug so no visuals
rocky, tan
spicy, malty
full-bodied, medium carbonation
Palate: great mix of malt and hops, dry, fruity

Finish: long, dry and bittersweet

Served: from a bottle at the brewery

Impression: Neder has a fair variety of beers but all of them are in bottles aside from their Export, which is served via gravity dispense. I’d been drinking Bocks and Festbiers all day so couldn’t not drink the Bock here. I was glad I got it as it was a gorgeously dry fruity brew with a very nice long, dry bittersweet finish. It’s Bocks like this that make you yearn for a Bockbier Festival in Franconia.

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