Beim Strehern Zoigl

beer in mug

Beim Strehern Zoigl

Brewery: Beim Strehern
unfiltered, deep golden to light amber
creamy, thinning
hint of grain
Body: very
soft, medium carbonation
maltier than most Zoigl
Finish: clean

Served: from the tank at the brewery

Impression:  Drinking Zoigl in a “Echte” Zoigl Stube has to be one of the great beer experiences and Beim Strehern is no exception. This was the last of the five Zoigl towns for me to make it to and I had very high expectations due to its proximity to the Czech border. For this reason, I expected a fairly hoppy Zoigl and in that respect, I was a bit disappointed. In fact, it was one of the maltier Zoigl but was nonetheless a quaffer. The Zoiglstube, on the other hand, was every bit as good as I had hoped and was one of the most traditional ones I’ve had he pleasure to drink in.

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