Eslarn is the most remote Zoigl town in the Oberpfalz, lying some 50 kilometers from the more clustered other four. It is nearly on the Czech border. There is only one Zoiglstuben.

Eslarner Zoigl-Stum “Beim Strehern”
Tillystrasse 4
922693 Eslarn
Tel: 09653/1355

Opening hours:
Friday & Saturday from 2:00 PM
Sunday from 11:30

I’ve not had the pleasure to check this out. It was on my planned agenda for the day following our two day hike through the heart of Zoigland but with only one late bus out on that Sunday afternoon and work looming the next day, it was doomed to wait for another time. Update: headed there in mid-April 2019! 🙂

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