Eslarn is the most remote Zoigl town in the Oberpfalz, lying some 50 kilometers from the more clustered other four. It is nearly on the Czech border. The town has a a real authentic feel to it and don’t be surprised if you don’t see a lot of tourists. The Maria Himmelfahrt Church is its main sight and it seems you see it from just about everywhere in town. There is also a nice city park that breathes some green into the small town.

Eslarn’s city park and church

Well, of course, for the Zoigl enthusiast, Eslarn’s Kommunbrauhaus is surely the main sight and a pretty one it is, with a stork’s nest atop the brewing chimney for good measure.

Eslarn’s Kommunbrauhaus

There is only one Zoiglstuben. Since it’s not open all the time, it makes it one of the harder ones to visit.

Eslarner Zoigl-Stum “Beim Strehern”

zoigl stube
Tillystrasse 4
922693 Eslarn
Tel: 09653/1355

Opening hours:
Friday & Saturday from 2:00 PM
Sunday from 11:30

It took me a few years to get to this remote Zoiglstube, but I’m glad I made the effort. It’s one of the most authentic and lively. I guess there isn’t so much else to do in town and with it not being open all the time, when it is, it is very busy. To add to the bustling atmosphere, the family that runs it also plays their own traditional music and the tables are all large communal style ones.

cozy pub
Beim Strehern’s cosy interior

It was packed when I got there and the owner squeezed me onto a big round table in true Zoiglstube style. I quickly ordered a Zoigl and Schlachtschüssel mit Dotsch, the butcher’s plate special typical of Zoiglstuben. Dotsch is a dialect name for potato pancakes and these were some of the best I’ve ever had. 

Zoigl & Schlachtshüssel

On tap: Beim Strehern Zoigl

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