Hermann-Ampferbach Weihnactsbock

dark beer in seidla
Hermann-Ampferbach Weihnactsbock

Brewery: Brauerei Hermann
Color: lightly filtered amber

Head: ample, off-white

malty, dried fruit
full-bodied, soft
Palate: balanced,
hoppy, dry, fruity
Finish: long, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This small brewery eluded me for some time since the buses there are not super frequent. I’d chosen nearby Brauerei Kaiser a few years ago when  on the way to the Bockbieranstich at Zehendner in neaby Mönchsambach. When looking for hiking trails in the area, I found one that linked a few of the brewing villages, including Ampferbach and the plan was set. It was a very nice walk to the brewery and on this cold winter morning, we were glad to seek refuge in the small cozy brewpub.  Actually, it appeared closed and, in fact, the front door was locked. Thankfully, we ran into the owner who explained the front is often locked but to go around to the back entrance. I’ve never been so happy to be so lucky. As you can imagine, this only added to the grand feeling of finally arriving. My wife wasn’t in the mood for an early beer so I had to decide which to have and finally chose the Weihnactsbock since you never know when you’ll be at a brewpub in winter. I was glad I did, as it came out looking the beauty I soon found out it to be. It had a nice dried fruit aroma but the flavor was more balanced and with amply hopping. It had a very soft mouthfeel and a nice dry bitter finish.

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