Sedgefield Craft Beer Brewery

Sedgefield Craft Beer Brewery
28 Paul Kruger St.
Sedgefield 6573
South Africa
Open Monday-Saturday 8:30-4:00
Closed Sunday

I came close to giving this a pass but it was right on our way to Tsitsikama National Park. If you’re driving the Garden Route, you virtually drive right by it and since it’s only open during the day, it doesn’t seem worth it to stay in Sedgefield though it did have quite a touristy feel so obviously many do.
It’s set in a touristy but kind of intriguing little market. It reminded me of Florida a bit in that way and since we were on a long drive, it felt like it, too. The owner, the brewer and bartender, is an amicable guy more than willing to give you free samples before you buy and also offers a couple different size glasses if you want to sit outside and enjoy one in a more leisurely fashion.

my wife and trusty driver was unable to try the beers so got some to go!

To be honest, it’s tough pouring such small portions so they were quite fizzy (not an uncommon problem with any beer in South Africa) and thin on flavor but got some bottles to go and was amazed at the difference. Both the Porter and IPA were quite good and I was glad I’d been a good Samaritan and bought some despite my not being overly impressed with the samples.

both the Porter and IPA were great from the bottle

Not entirely sure I’d go all this way to go to the brewery but the Garden Route is a common one for tourist and if doing it anyway, it’s a nice little stop and definitely get some for the road. I’d say it was the best beer on that part of the trip by far.

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