Mitchell’s Forester’s Lager

Sedgefield India Pale Ale

Brewery: Mitchell’s Brewery
Style: Light lager

Color: deep golde
Head: fizzy, effervescent
Nose: not much

light, fizzy
Palate: thin, a bit of malt
clean, very dry

Served: from a bottle at the Cattle Baron Restaurant in Tsitsikama National Park

Impression:  We were in Knysna very briefly on our drive to Tsitsikama National Park but with limited time, I’d decided that stopping at the Sedgefield Craft Brewery was more important. Mitchell’s is now brewed at another location and I had read mixed reviews. Stopping in Sedgefield was also easier as Knysna is more touristy so busier. At any rate, I was glad to see a beer from their brewery at the restaurant in the park. That said, it was about as uninteresting a choice as possible. I’d have much preferred a stout or IPA. It was in a bottle and even though I poured it myself, straight into the glass, it was still over-carbonated and quite fizzy. It didn’t have a bad flavor but just wasn’t very flavorful at all. Despite the lack of any noticeable hops, it still had a very dry finish. I wouldn’t get it again but it has piqued my interest about their other beers if back in the area.


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