Airport Craft Brewers Country Ale

Airport Craft Brewers Country Ale

Brewery: Airport Craft Brewers
Johannesburg Airport
Style: session ale

Color: copper

Head: ample, dense
Nose: slight hops

medium, overly carbonated
Palate: lightly hopped but balanced
Finish: clean, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression:  Very modern upmarket looking brewpub with beers typical of its ilk. Everything is a bit on the safe side but well enough made.  This one sounded good in the description and it sure looked nice when it came out. I think if they had sold it as a Kölsch, it would have gone over better for me but it too cold off the bat and way too carbonated.  You can let a beer warm up but the carbonation takes awhile to subside. I actually ordered my second beer long before I’d finished my first, which helped. I’d have liked a bit more hops and perhaps if it was served a proper temperature, the hops would have come through better. It should be noted that it’s only 3.8% so if looking for a brew with less alcohol, it’s a good choice.

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