Karoo Brewing The Oryx

The Oryx

Brewery: Karoo Brewing
Color: unfiltered, lemony hone-comb 

Head: white, effervescent, rocky, ample
Nose: slight clove

Palate: fruity, a bit of yeast

Served: from a bottle bought at Berg en Dal Rest Camp store

Impression:  This was our last couple days on safari and we’d finished up the wine so I was very happy to find Karoo beers at the Berg en Dal store. The beers we’d had at our first braai at Satara Rest Camp were a mixed lot so I felt fairly confidant that these would be uniformly good. I wouldn’t normally buy a Weissbier and not because I don’t like  them but I live in Munich and that is one beer that the locals do about as well as can be done. That said, it’s a perfect safari beer and rightly popular in the South African craft beer scene. I figured if anyone could do a good job of it, it would be Karoo. Besides, I liked the bottle. It looked magnificent on pouring and I was hopeful but though it was well-made, it just didn’t have the full flavor I like in a Weissbier. It seemed a bit thin and I was sure to make it the first beer of the day.  If this is your style, by all means, try it but if you’re on the fence on this style, I don’t think this is the one that will get you off it.

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