Sabie Brewing Dravidian Draught IPA

Sabie Brewing Dravidian Draught IPA

Brewery: Sabie Brewing
Color: unfiltered amber

Head: white, rocky
floral hops 
medium, medium carbonation
fruity, citrusy hops
Finish: bitter

Served: from a bottle bought at Satara Rest Camp store

Impression: Sabie Brewing is one of the bigger players in the South African craft beer market, at least in the Kruger area.  We’d driven through Sabie on our way to Blyde River Canyon and I did want to stop there for lunch but we were running late and it sounded like the service at the restaurant was very slow.  Sometimes you have to make choices and going to the brewery just didn’t make sense. So, I was happy to see some bottles of their beer at the Satara Rest Camp store. We were doing our first braai (bbq) that night and a couple cold ones with a steak sounded good after a long hot safari day. The first one we opened was their Glynn’s Gold and it had an odd sour flavor. It seems it was spoiled as descriptions on their website have no mention of this flavor component.  At any rate, this IPA fared much better with a fine citrusy aroma and appealing rocky head. If you’re a lover of hops, this is your beer but for me, it was a bit unbalanced in the bitter direction. That said, it was a LOT better than the first beer of the day.

How about another South African craft beer?


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