Airport Craft Brewers Porter

Airport Craft Brewers Porter

Brewery: Airport Craft Brewers
Johannesburg Airport
Style: Porter

Color: dark brown

Head: off-white, thinning
Nose: slight roast

medium, carbonated
Palate: roasty, fairly hoppy
Finish: clean, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression:  Very modern upmarket looking brewpub with beers typical of its ilk. Everything is a bit on the safe side but well enough made.  This was the best of their portfolio. It helped that I’d ordered it and let it sit a bit but it seemed less carbonated from the start. It was both the easiest drinking and most flavorful of their line. It was also the most hoppy and had the most bitter finish. It was an easy drinker at 4.5%.

How about another South African craft beer?


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