Stern-Bräu Vollbier

Stern-Bräu Vollbier

Brewery: Scheubel’s Stern-Bräu
Color: bright golden

fluffy white, dissipating
very slight hop, grain
full-bodied, a bit too carbonated but might have been a bad pour
hoppy from the start but some dry fruitiness permeates
Finish: long dry bitter finish
Served: on tap
at the brewery

Impression: Schlüsselfeld isn’t the easiest place to get to, well not if you want to leave the same day anyway. So, took advantage of a rental car and super understanding wife and finally made it to Stern-Bräu.  I only had one Vollbier even though it was what most locals were drinking. We took a liking to the Festbier and never went back.  That said, the Vollbier was a great dry hoppy brew with a clean bitter finish. It would be an easy beer to drink for a session and would have liked to have another as our later beers seemed to be poured with less carbonation.

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