Oppl Zoigl

amber beer in mug
Oppl Zoigl

Brewery: Oppl
unfiltered, deep golden to light amber
yeasty, dissipating
hint of malt
soft, medium carbonation
maltier than most Zoigl, fruity
Finish: fairly dry

Served: from the tank at the brewery

Impression:  Drinking Zoigl in a “Echte” Zoigl Stube has to be one of the great beer experiences and Oppl in Mitterteich is no exception. This was a one night stop en route to visit the wife’s family so got there a littler later than we’d have liked. It was packed so no spots outside where the band was playing a mix of jazz and traditional Bavarian music. A lot of spots inside were also full but we got a table close to the tap with a bit of fresh air from the large open door. It was a great atmosphere and the Zoigl went down easily, though it seemed a notch below both Luggerts and Hartwich in town.  That said, we loved the place and simple food, with the Zoigl certainly still refreshing.

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