Oppl Zoiglstube


Oppl Zoiglstube
Oberer Marktplatz 11
Mitterteich 95666
Tel: 09633 3326

Opening hours:
Closed Monday & Sunday
Tuesday to Saturday 9:30-1:00 am
Consult Zoigl calendar for open weeks (about six per year)

Oppl is certainly one of the most fun Zoiglstuben and thus most popular. Though a sprawling outlet, it is nonetheless full on the few weeks a year it is open, at least on the summer evening we visited.  They had a live band performing a mix of traditional jazz and Bavarian music, which the crowd obviously loved and had at least in part come for. Food is limited to cold and simple warm snacks but they are excellent quality and value.

Oppl’s atmospheric Zoigl “hall” the next morning before the crowds arrived

We arrived on a Thursday evening a bit later than we would have liked due to a lot of traffic coming up from Munich. The place was packed so getting a spot outside on this gorgeous evening wasn’t an option. We secured a table next to the Zoigl tap near a large open door so had some fresh air at least.  We got a plate of homemade Bratwurst, Geräuchertes (smoked ham) and a mixed plate of cured meat (and supposedly Limburger) that was served “with music,” or doused in white vinegar and garnished with onions.  Both were quite good but we found out the next day that they were running out of everything that night, thus our not getting any Limburger. The Oppl Zoigl was quite refreshing.

my wife and trusty driver enjoying a well-deserved Zoigl and hearty fare

We returned the next morning in hopes of having a late breakfast and to get some photos in daylight. We’d stayed in nearby village Kleinsterz and opted out of breakfast when we saw Oppl opened at 9:30. Who would go to drink beer so early without eating, we reckoned? Well, Frühschoppen is alive and well in Mitterteich.  The place was mostly empty at 9:30 when we arrived aside from one large group of retirees enjoying a Zoigl. Of course, 90% of the town was there the night before, some surely to the 1 am closing time so the lack of patrons wasn’t so much of a surprise.

a far less busy Oppl the next morning with nice touches typical of Zoiglstuben

The few servers around were obviously not the front line and also exhausted from the previous evening. Ours apologized for their being out of many dishes and it was fairly obvious that we weren’t going to get any food all too quickly. We’d already ordered a Zoigl so leaving wasn’t an option. When we saw our server from the night before, we knew things were looking up and we did get our food. We got another order of the Geräuchertes and tried the Bauernseufzer, a red somewhat spicy smoky sausage. This is a specialty of the area I’d not tried so figured I may as well due to the somewhat limited menu and our being there the night previous.  It was good but a bit dry for my taste. Also, I think two smoky dishes at once is perhaps too much. That said, if you like such things, they were excellent quality and house-butchered.

enjoying a meal outside the next morning with their Bauernseufzer

We hope to get back to Oppl one day, hopefully a bit earlier in the evening so we can enjoy the music and bustling atmosphere but will skip breakfast as the food isn’t really on offer as soon as they open.

Beer: Oppl Zoigl

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