Zur Krone (Strecks Brauhaus)

Marktstraße 34
97645 Ostheim v. d. Rhön
Tel: 097773587616

Mellrichstadt Station 9 km/limited bus service/steam train in summer

Opening hours: Sadly closed the end of May, 2023 but hopeful it will reopen with a new tenant
Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

Monday & Thursday to Saturday from 17:00 to 22:00
Sunday 12:00 to 15:00

Zur Krone was the location of Strecks Bräu after its first expansion and remains the brewery tap, though run by another family, as has become typical. Not to worry, it’s very well and attentively run. It’s got a traditional but updated decor with lots of dark wood and personal touches. The relatively small menu features an assortment of excellent pan-fried Schnitzels along with a well-thought out number of daily specials.

the cozy Zur Krone

It’s a bustling place with an animated clientele talking and drinking beer. We noted that just about everyone was drinking beer and more than one. Sadly, they generally only have two of the Streck Bräu beers on tap, their flagship Burgherrenpils and a Bio Helles. The owner explained they do have special beers from the brewery, having just missed an Anna Bier and evidently just early for the next one. They do have the full assortment of Strecks beers in bottles but it would be nice to have the Ostheimer Dunkel on tap, at least when the special beer is not on. We got one of each and a fine broth with the lightest homemade egg dumplings.

 Strecks Bio Helles & soup

Since we ordered two different beers of the same color, we were a little unsure which was the Pils despite our server telling us it was the one in the mug. It seemed an odd choice for a German Pils but certainly looked the part of a Czech one. While the Helles had its adherents in the pub, it was obvious the Pils was their biggest seller. They were quite similar but the Pils was our favorite too. We both opted for the special of the day, a fantastic Schnitzel with white asparagus in a Hollandaise sauce with steamed potatoes. My wife, the ever faithful Dunkel drinker got a bottle to show support for the style.

a fabulous meal at Strecks Brauhaus

Though they had our favorite dessert, Apfelküchle, we were far too full to even split an order. It’s another good reason to return. Hopefully next time, we’re lucky and find one of the brewery’s special beers on tap. Overall, we thought it was an excellent place with attentive friendly service. The atmosphere was very lively and we stayed a lot longer than planned. We look forward to the next visit.

Beers: Strecks Burgherrenpils, Strecks Bio Helles plus occasional specialty beer on tap. Bottled Strecks Ostheimer Dunkel, Strecks Bio Zwickl, Strecks 1718, Strecks Weizen, Strecks alcohol free Weizen.

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