Wagner Bräu (Oberhaid)

96173 Oberhaid
Tel: 09503/229


Oberhaid station 500 meters

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 16:00 am to 24:00
Sunday 10:00 to 14:00 (closed during Keller season)

Output 3000 HL

Founded in 1550 and family owned, this small half-timbered brewpub has a roomy interior and small pleasant terrace where they served up warm meals every day. While the menu is somewhat limited, their very friendly opening hours and general availability of warm food more than makes up for it.

roomy simple interior & tasty Lagerbier

To be honest, I’d never been super eager to check Wagner Bräu out as I’d heard the beer wasn’t all that great but on researching Bierkellers, I saw lots of raves for their Hannla Keller. I asked a friend from Bamberg and he said he’d not been out in years but had heard the beer was better than in the past. We met out there for lunch and their Lagerbier was quite good.

a very tasty Jägerschnitzel & their Pils

I’d read they were good at Schnitzels and most of their menu was one in some form or another. Since you don’t always see it, I opted for a Jägerschnitzel which was ample size for the prize and quite tasty. An added bonus was it came with Bratkartoffeln, another things increasingly hard to find. My friend got a lackluster looking Stammer Max so I was happy with my choice. I also not only noticed everyone else was drinking their Pils but had read it was their go-to beer. Sadly, it was not only not as good as the Lagerbier but not very good at all. I’ll stick with the Lagerbier next time.

We headed over to the Hannla Keller after lunch but were glad we’d made the extra effort to stop at the brewpub en route. The Keller opens much later and has a more limited menu so if looking for lunch, I’d suggest doing the same.

I’d not been back to the brewery since this first visit but a friend was there and picked up a bottle of their Bock for me. It unfortunately wasn’t very good. Click on link for full review. I did return for a much improved Bock in December 2023. It had a light smoky element and was excellent.

Wagner (Oberhaid) Bock

Beers: Lagerbier, Pils on tap. Kellerbier at their Keller.

Beer calendar:

Bock in December and new Rauchbock.

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