Hannla Keller

On the road between Oberhaid and Dörfleins
96173 Oberhaid
Tel: 09503/87 58


Opening hours from May to October:
Daily 14:00 to 22:00

This idyllic Bierkeller is one of the nicest in the area and if you factor in the ease of getting there, one you really shouldn’t miss. Many ply the short cycle from Bamberg but it’s also a short walk from Oberhaid station which is reached by brief frequent trains from Bamberg.

tasty Kellerbier in a shady setting

We started off with their Kellerbier which took the place of their Lagerbier at the Keller. Since it was in a Krug, we couldn’t see if it was filtered but my guess is it’s an unfiltered version of the Lagerbier. Obviously, having just eaten a big meal, their wasn’t even room for a small snack but they had the usual Franconian cold and warm snacks.

a fine view & unexpected Festbier

We’d seen a Festbier advertised at the brewpub but were told it was only available at the Keller so were happy to find it there. We got one and though perfectly good, it didn’t seem to add anything to their Kellerbier flavor-wise and on a hot sunny day, a bit less alcohol is probably the better choice.

another lovely stop at Hannla Keller

On my way to the Gambrinus Keller in Unterhaid, I stopped in at the Hannla Keller to mostly check out their food. They thankfully had half portions and their Dosenfleisch was excellent. Sadly, the Kellerbier was showing strong signs of diacetyl, which were completely absent the previous season. Let’s hope it was a one time problem as it’s really a great little place and easily reached from Bamberg.

Beers: Wagner Bräu Kellerbier on tap. Seasonals like a Festbier.

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