Wagner Bräu (Oberhaid) Bock smoke

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Wagner Bräu Oberhaid Smoke Bock

Brewery: Wagner Bräu
Bock 7.5%
light amber
Head: white

Nose: richly
malty, fruity, hint of smoke
medium to full
balanced, richly malty, nice spicy element, light smoke, underlying hops
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, wemi-bitter

Served: from a bottle bought drunk in the brewery

Impression: I had this last season and it was a buttery mess but I’d heard great things about this new Bock so made a point of getting out here during my Bamberg birthday weekend. Sadly already not on tap but still available in bottles. Nice amber hue with thinning head and complex nose of rich malt, fruit and smoke. Richly malty palate features some fruit and light smoke. The semi-dry lingering finish is just bitter enough to make it moreish. Quite good, would be better if self-poured as initially very fizzy.

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