Wagner Bräu (Oberhaid) Lagerbier

amber beer in glass
Wagner Bräu Lagerbier

Brewery: Wagner Bräu
Color: dark amber

Head: white
, ample, lasting
malt, slight roasty
malty, slightly roasty
Finish: semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was a surprising beer as I’d never heard anything particularly good about the beer at this small brewery just outside Bamberg until a friend said he’d just tried the Kellerbier at their Keller and it was pretty decent. We headed out to the Keller but since it wasn’t quite open, stopped in at the brewpub for lunch to find the Kellerbier not available there. The Lagerbier sounded the most similar and came out a clear amber beauty. It was quite nice and though malty, dry enough with a clean semi-bitter finish.

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