Theinheim is a pleasant if unremarkable town in itself but the surrounding area is quite pretty in a gentle, rolling way. There are fine areas to walk and bike so it makes a great base if a countryside break is what you’re seeking. Of course, with a destination in itself like Brauerei Bayer in the small village, you won’t go thirsty or regret your choice.

Brauerei (Bayer) Gasthaus zum grünen Baum
Schulterbachstraße 15
96181 Rauhenebrach (Theinheim)
Tel: 09554 293

Bamberg 25km/limited bus service

Opening hours:
Wednesday to Saturday from 16:00
Sunday from 11:00


Output: 750 HL

Founded in 1718 and in the Bayer family ever since, Brauerei Bayer and its popular restaurant, Zum Grünen Baum, are a great example of a small brewery which is thriving despite its relative isolation from more mainstream tourist areas. They do it with a combination of great traditional beer as well as some craft beer offerings. Of course, the restaurant is a very pleasant place both inside and out. It’s obviously well-maintained and there’s an obvious pride in presentation of the facility as well as the food and beer served.

Biergarten & their Ungespundetes Lager are two reasons for Bayer’s popularity

 The inner courtyard area makes a fine little Biergarten though it’s lacking a large green tree. There are some younger ones so perhaps an old tree died or got too big for the area. That said, there is plenty of shade as it’s hemmed in with the brewery on one side and the pub on the other. We were happy to secure a table but it was reserved for an hour later. We quickly ordered two of their super tasty Landbiers, an Ungespundetes Lager well-renowned in the Franconian folklore of beer. We weren’t super hungry yet so just got a plate of mixed meats.

great metal brewery sign & mixed meat plate

They had a dark beer called Knörzla and it was equally as good. By the time we’d finished the food and beer, our time at the table was just about up but it seemed the server would have let us stay put after we told her we had a reservation for inside later. With the sun going down, it was getting a bit chilly anyway so we decided to head in and check out the pub’s interior atmosphere.

a Znörzla outside & then in for a meal

Once inside, I ordered another Landbier but asked to have it in clear glass so I could get a look at it and we ordered two meals for some sustenance: a Cordon Bleu and Sulze. Both came with very good Bratkartoffeln.

Landbier in a glass, Cordon Bleu & Sulze with Bratkartoffeln

They had a good selection of reasonably priced desserts and we’d spotted a seasonal Maibock. It was odd to see it in June but I guess with the COVID-19 closure/restrictions, it hadn’t been drunk as quickly as it would have likely been.  We had a beer Panna Cotta and Apfelküchle with our Maibocks as the closer. Well, that was our plan until we noticed they also make their own Schnapps so we had a Zwetchgenbrand, the nicest plum liquor we’d ever tasted.

some great desserts & a Maibock rounded off the meal nicely

We were very happy we had a room around the corner and up the hill at Pension Oppelt. I think we’ll be back.

We finally got back to Zum Grunen Baum and had another exemplary meal. We both opted for a pork cutlet from a locally raised pig which combined the rustic cut of the meat with the chef’s touch of preparation and seasoning. The meat was tender and the fat incredibly tasty. The homemade potato salad was divine.  We enjoyed both of the beers on tap again and brought a bottle of their Sauerkirsch Geheimnis home.

another great meal at Zum Grunen Baum

Though it was a filling meal, we still had room for Apfelküchle and Bierpfirsch, a beery peach dessert topped with cream. We finished off with their homemade Zwetchgenbrand, a fiery plum brandy.

a pair of desserts were a great finish

This is fast becoming our favorite overnight stop on the way to just about anywhere north of Munich!

hanging out with Manuele at Bayer

I returned in July 2022 on a beery tour of some of my favorite breweries with noted Franconian beer writer, Manuele Colonna. Along with quite a few Landbiers, we all tried their experimental Dampfbier. I wasn’t super hungry so got smoked pork belly with green beans and a rather dry bread dumpling. It was actually a bit like one in Czech. It was tasty enough but not up to par with all the other meals I’ve had here. It didn’t help that they all got my beloved pork cutlet.

incredible Dunkler Doppelbock & pork cutlet

We made another overnight stop specifically to try their incredible Dunkler Doppelbock and it was well worth the effort. I went with my pork cutlet this time and was a very happy man indeed. All we missed was dessert as we’d arrived late due to the traffic.

another dinner stop at Bayer

Friend had waxed enthusiastically about this Fastenbock so was happy one of them was willing to give me a lift so I could enjoy it as well. It was a lovely relatively light Hellerbock with a dry fruity palate. The fried pork belly with potato pancakes over beans was a good fit too.

Back or the Bock!

Back again in December 2023 for their marvelous Bock and yet another great meal. An impromptu visit in Apil 2024 found me enjoying a lovely lamb meal along with their outstanding Landbier once again. 

Beers on tap: Landbier (Ungespundetes Lager), Knörzla plus a seasonal.  Assorted and changing Craft Beers (such as Sauerkirsch Geheimnis) in bottles.

Beer calendar:

Bayer Dunkler Doppelbock from December to March (as long as it lasts!)
Bayer Fastenbock during Lent
Dampfbier (seemed to be an experimental beer with no set time)

Brauereifest is the 1st weekend in August
Kirchweich is the last Sunday in August

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