Bayer (Zum Grünen Baum) Knörzla

dark beer in mug
Brauerei Bayer Knörzla

Brewery: Bayer (Zum Grünen Baum)
Color: unfiltered, amber

Head: off-
white, rocky, creamy
Nose: slight roast/grain

Body: medium
, very soft
Palate: balanced, slight grain, fair hopping
Finish: dry, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: Before I went to the brewery, I asked a friend familiar with it what to drink and he said he wasn’t there often so all he drank was the Landbier. It would have been easy to pass up this second beer but on first taste, I actually liked it better. On subsequent beers, I was undecided. I even got a half case of each to bring home and still haven’t decided. This one comes in a clear mug right off the bat so you can see it’s color but it wasn’t a Dunkles and had no chocolate element. The head was creamier and initially it seemed drier. The finish was shorter and perhaps more bitter and decide for yourself.  By all means, try both.

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