Bayer (Zum Grünen Baum) Sauerkirsch Geheimnis

wine-like beer in wine glass with bottle
Bayer Sauerkirsch Geheimnis

Brewery: Bayer (Zum Grünen Baum)
Town: Theinheim
Color: Bordeaux

pink, fizzy, quickly dissipating
sour cherry, black berry, currant
Body: medium

Palate: tart, sour cherry, currant, a bit of yeast
Finish: lingering, semi-dry

Served: from a bottle bought at the brewery

Impression: This is an impressive Franconian Kriek spontaneously fermented with added Bordeaux yeast. Sour cherries and sugar are added. It’s lagered in a Barique barrel and fermented and aged in the bottle. It’s from 2017 and suggested peak in 2020.  It’s got a lovely aroma and tart refreshing palate with no sweetness. While eating raspberries, the woody element comes forward. The lingering finish is dry enough to make it moreish.

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