Roth Bier

brewery exterior
Obere Straße 24
97421 Schweinfurt 

Tel: 097211034

Schweinfurt Stadt Station 850m/Schweinfurt Station 1.7km

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 8:00 to 15:00
Saturday 8:00 to 11:00

Output: 20000 HL

Founded in 1831, the brewery’s inception started as early as 1818 but it took some time to be approved. It became the Roth Brauerei in 1890 and was sadly sold to Löwenbräu in 1988. The feel good part of the story is its being bought back by a long time employee of the company in 1993. It is now happily a family run brewery once again. They brew a full line-up of traditional beers and their pub “Zum Roth” has been lovingly restored in a traditional fashion.

some of the bottles I brought home


Beer calendar: Roth Pilsner, Roth Helles, Roth Märzen, Roth Schwarzbier, Roth Weissbier hell, Roth dunkles Weissbier, Roth Lager, Roth Light, Roth Runner, Roth Radler, Roth alcohol free Weissbier, Roth alcohol free Pils (called Bleifrei).

Beer calendar:
Roth Volksfestbier from end of April until June (Festival from Friday after Ascension Day)
Roth Festbier from the beginning of November until the end of December

If in town, please have a meal Zum Roth, where four of their beers are are on tap and the food is excellent. 

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