Schweinfurt is one of the oldest towns in Bavaria, having been first mentioned in 791. An Imperial City under the Roman Empire from the 12th century until 1802, it is most known in “modern” times as a major producer of ball bearings which led to its repeated bombings during WWII. It is conversely noted as home to the largest air defeat of American forces on Black Thursday.

the small but nice old town of Schweinfurt

Located on the Main River in Lower Franconia, Schweinfurt lacks attractions for the average tourist but remains an important industrial area as well as transit hub. Sadly, one industry that has not fared so well is brewing, with the number down to one from a high of around thirty. The one is a bit of a feel good story as you will read below. For that reason alone, the beer tourist should consider a short excursion here. The old town center is charming enough for a short stroll and a meal at Zum Roth washed down with the local tipple won’t be regretted.

Zum Roth

Roth Bier

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