Zum Roth

Obere Strasse
24 97421 Schweinfurt
Tel:  09721 476 98 99

Lohr Station 20km/Würzburg Station 30km/regular bus service

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday 17:00 to 23:00
Closed Wednesdays

Housed in the former Schoppenhaus, a Renaissance masterpiece resplendent with elaborate facade, Zum Roth is now the brewery tap of the town’s one remaining brewery. The gorgeous building had an illustrious history up to its partial destruction during WWII. The lower floor was salvaged but what money was available went into refurbishing the also largely destroyed brewery.

charmingly restored

With Lower Franconia much in my focus, I was surprised to have overlooked Schweinfurt but it was likely that when I did look at the town, the restaurant wasn’t in operation. I’m glad I looked again after sampling a few of the bottled beers. It sure looked nicely done up even from the outside and once inside, it was obviously fairly recently done. Though I wasn’t a big fan of their Helles in the bottle, a friend had said it was excellent on tap so started off with it. I also got an asparagus soup as it was Spargelzeit and it was very tasty.

 a lovely poured Helles & excellent asparagus soup

I hadn’t really looked at the menu when I ordered the Helles or I’d have likely gone for their Hefeweizen first. I still decided to get one before I ordered dinner deciding on their special of the day a gorgeous pan-fried Schnitzel in a wild mushroom sauce with roast potatoes.

A tasty Weizn & amazing Schnitzel

I got a regular size Pils and it was so good, I got a second one in a .5l glass. I noted on the menu and on both glasses that it’s called Roth Bier so it obviously remains their flagship.

a Roth Bier is a Roth Pils

It was a great experience all around. It was a cozy atmosphere and service was very good. The beers were uniformly well-poured and the food was excellent. The only downside is it’s not open for lunch or I imagine I’d be out here again soon. That said, I’d not hesitate to return and recommend it to anyone looking for a great meal and to try the Roth beers on tap.

Beers: Roth Bier (Pils), Roth Helles and Roth Hefe Weizen on tap. Bottled Roth Schwarzes Hefe Weizen, Roth Schwarzbier, Roth alcohol free Hefe Weizen, Roth alcohol free Pils.

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