Oberailsfeld is another quiet unassuming hamlet nestled in a scenic valley with an abundance of trails going in all directions, most notably to the stunning Castle Rabenstein.

Held-Bräubrewpub exteriorOberailsfeld 19
95491 Ahorntal
Tel: 09242-295

Ebermannstadt Station 19 km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Wednesday & Thursday
Daily from 10:30

Output: 3000 HL

Founded in 1860, the Polster family has run a pub here for more than 300 years, predating the brewery itself. A cozy rustic country inn with a very small interior that fills quickly, come early to grab a table. The outdoor seating area expands things considerably in warmer months and a tent is erected out front for the yearly Kirchweih in August.  Tasty homemade snacks pair well with their popular beers that people come from miles around to enjoy.

Homemade Sülze with Bratkartoffeln washed down with their tasty Dunkles

I’ve been here a few times, once accidentally ordering Sülze when I wanted what my table neighbor was eating. The next time I made sure to get the Glasfleisch I had coveted. Both were excellent and the potatoes are very much homemade.

Glasfleisch with Bratkartofelln washed down with their Helles

The last time I got a very tasty Krenfleisch (beef with a horseradish sauce) during their Kirchweich, a festival I was lucky to happen upon.

Krenfleisch and the Kirchweih tent

I’ve not been back since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted but I have picked two seasonal beers in bottles, their Bock and Fest-Bier, as well as their Weizen.

a trio of Held-Bräu bottles to hold me over

Beers: Helles Bier, Dunkles Bauernbier, Weizenbier, Pils.

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