Brauerei Gaststätte Am Strand (Nothhaft)
Ottostraße 32
95615 Marktredwitz
Tel: 09231/973 18 00

Opening hours: (CLOSED, looking for a new tenant)
Closed Tuesday
Wednesday to Monday   11:00-2:00 & 5:00-9:00

After having sampled quite a few of their beers in bottles, we finally made it to their brewery tap. The town was a bit larger than I’d imagined but we managed to get a spot out front just the same. The outside seating area looked quite good despite being on the main street but as we approached a huge gust of wind took one of the rather large sun umbrellas and every guy there was busy trying to keep it from entirely flying away. We sat inside the empty pub and it seemed a bit drab in comparison. It had a green tile oven and looking at the photos, it doesn’t look so bad. It could have been the abrupt shift from the prospect of sitting out in the sun to sitting inside an empty pub.

Nothhaft Helles & the pub interior

While the brewery has a rather large line-up of beers, I wasn’t expecting the pub to serve all of them. That said, I was hoping for more than a Helles and Weißbier. I’d had a nice Edel-Pils in a bottle and was more or less expecting them to have that. The Helles was serviceable but a Dunkles would have gone better with my lunch choice of Schäuferla. This is the signature dish of Franconia but this area is quite on the edge of this region and the dish reflected this. It was cooked more and in many ways had the texture of a Haxen. It was slightly dry but the sauce was fantastic and ample so with a bit of cutting and mashing into the sauce, it was actually very tasty. the sauerkraut was also quite different and very good. My wife didn’t want something as daunting or large as a Schäuferla so opted for the Schlemmerschnitzel. This turned out to be three Schnitzels, smothered in cheese and a mushroom cream sauce. It made my meal look like something from Weight Watchers in comparison. It was so good, I helped her eat it in lieu of finishing my meal. As good as it was, it was futile. My wife asked if anyone ever finished it and the server said very rarely. I needed two more beers and after getting tired of the Helles, switched to a Weißbier.

Marktredwitz is quite convenient off the A-93 and since they serve full hot meals every day at lunchtime, it makes for a good break if passing through at that time. I wouldn’t go a long way just for the beer but I imagine we’ll stop again for lunch again sometime. We’ll be sure to split that Schnitzel and get a side salad. It will be more than enough!

Not sure if this will ever happen as have learned recently that the restaurant is closed. The brewery is looking for a new tenant, surely another COVID casualty at this point. Let’s hope they are able to reopen.

Below are some of the beers I had in bottles prior to our visit. Reviews of the beers are in the beer line-up below too.

Nothhaft has quite an assortment in bottles

Beer: Loisl Dunkel, Edel-Pils, Zwickl, Ur-Hell, Rawetzer Weißbier on tap. Seasonal Märzen, Antonius Starkbier Dunkel, Antonius Starkbier Hell, Rawetzer Zoigl.

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