Nothhaft Loisl Dunkel

dark beer in glass with bottle
Nothhaft Loisl Dunkel

Brewery: Nothhaft
Style: Dunkles

Color: dark brown

Head: tan, thinning
malty, some chocolate
Body: full

malty, some chocolate, slight roast
Finish: clean, slightly bitter

Served: from a bottle bought locally

Impression: I’ve been through Marktredwitz a couple times but either the brewery was closed or I didn’t have time to stop. I saw a slew of their beers in bottles at a local beer shop and picked them all up to assess whether it’s worth a stop and I’ll say yes right off the bat.  The Dunkles has a good dark hue and some chocolate in the nose. It’s not a super tasty example but it has all the right elements and the finish was clean enough to want another, especially at 4.9%. I’ll reserved full judgement until I have it on tap but it’s one I’d like to try.

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