Nothhaft Helles

yellow b
Nothhaft Helles

Brewery: Nothhaft
Style: Helles

Color: light yellow

Head: white, thinning
faint grain
balanced, some grain, fair hopping
Finish: fairly clean, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at Am Strand (Nothhaft brewery tap)

Impression: After sampling quite a few of their bottles and finding them all decent if not mind-blowing, I found the brewery tap was quite conveniently located off the Autobahn so we stopped for lunch. I was saddened to hear they only had a Helles and Weißbier on tap. I’d liked their Edel-Pils and was hoping to see if the tap version was better. The first Helles came out with very little head. The server was busy, mostly with people sitting outside so my beer must have sat there for a bit. She should have topped it off. I did get a second one and it was much better and obviously freshly poured before I got it. It was a perfectly okay Helles and probably drier than many. It was hoppier than most too but there wasn’t any particularly standout quality about it. I’d certainly drink it again and probably will when I go back for lunch sometime. That’s mostly because they don’t have many other options.

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