Nothhaft Rawetzer Weißbier

weissbier in glass
Nothhaft Rawetzer Weißbier

Brewery: Nothhaft
Style: Weißbier

Color: unfiltered, golden

Head: white
Nose: strong banana, yeast

balanced, yeasty, banana
Finish: fairly clean

Served: on tap at Am Strand (Nothhaft brewery tap)

Impression: I wasn’t much in the mood for a Weißbier but with such a big meal, I needed multiple beers and had grown tired of the Helles. I’d seen a nice looking Weizen but once I saw this, I knew it had to be their Dunkelweizen. This one looked like one of those Helles-Weißbier hybrid beers, which can be okay if they have a bit of hops in them. This turned out to only have that look and was very much a banana yeast affair. If you really like banana, this is your beer.

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