Cute little hamlet with little more than a scenically set church and an amazing small brewery. It’s not all that accessible by public transit but it’s reached by numerous trails that go over hills and through forests often to other great small breweries. I guess what else do you need?
Brauerei Penning Zeissler 
Hetzelsdorf 9
91362 Pretzfeld
Tel: 09194-252
Opening hours:
Wednesday to Friday from 4:00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 9:00
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Pretzfeld Station 4.5 km/irregular bus service
Output: 4000 HL
Founded in 1623 and in the same family ever since. It’s a bustling little place. You half expect it to not be there and then you walk through the door to find few if any seats and the low hum of happy talking people.  There’s a simple menu and the food is great but people come here to drink their amber nectar.  Not only one of the best looking beers I’ve had the pleasure to take a photo of but one that lives up to its appearance and all the hype.
I walked here from Leutenbach and had just had an amazing lunch there and a few of their fine beers, too but must say this was the highlight of the hike. Even though I’d eaten, I had a mixed meat plate to go with the beer. I still wish they had rooms, I would have very likely spent the night!

a wondeful Vollbier & tasty mixed meat plate
Beers: Fränkisches Vollbier on tap, Pils, Lager, Leichtes, Hefeweizen in bottles.
Beer calendar:
Märzenbier (March and April)
Frühlingsfestbier (March until the end of April)
Maibock (April to June)
Weihnachtsfestbier (November to January)
Weihnachtsbock (November to January)
Kirchweih (End of May and the beginning of September)
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