Die Pfugsmühle (Abenberg)

Pflugsmühle 1b
91183 Abenberg (Pflugsmühle)
Tel: 09873 979 80

Georgensgmünd Station 10km

Opening hours:
Daily  11:30 to 22:00

Lovely and popular complex featuring a Biergarten, bakery, winter garden and event restaurant. The area around it has pony rides, mini-golf and go-carts so it’s understandably popular with families. Hot meals are available at lunch and dinner but cold dishes with their bakery’s bread can be eaten all day. They conveniently have an online reservation system on their website!

 Spalter Export Dunkel, Premimum Pils & Hausplatte

There were a number of places to drink the Spalter beers in Spalt proper but a Franconian friend suggested the Pfugsmühle, going as far as saying it was “the place” to drink the beer on tap. It was a bit further than I had planned on hiking but I must say it was a lovely place, surely packed on weekends. It was fairly busy even at an off time during the week. I started off with a very tasty Export Dunkel and got the mixed meat plate.  I followed up with the Premium Pils.

Spalter Vollbier Hell & another Export Dunkel

They unfortunately didn’t have their Zwickel on tap so I got a small Vollbier Hell which was surprisingly good considering I had it after a fairly hoppy Pils. I spotted a nice sounding chocolate cake on the menu and ordered it with a final Dunkel. Unfortunately, it was later revealed the cake was still in the oven so my dreamy pairing would have to wait for another day. I assume the second glass was perhaps the one used for the Zwickel or a consolation prize for not getting my cake.

If staying in Spalt, it’s well worth hiking out to the Pfugsmühle, especially if doing the gorge hikes as it’s not so much further. If only there for the day, I’d seek out one of the places in town. Just be sure they have the Export Dunkel on tap. It’s one of those rarely found hoppy dark beers.

Beers: Spalter Hell, Spalter Export Dunkel, Spalter Premium Pils on tap. Bottled Spalter Zwickel, Gutmann Helles Hefeweizen, Gutmann Dunkles Hefeweizen, Gutmann Leichtes Hefeweizen, and Gutmann Alkoholfreies Hefeweizen.

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