The settlement now known as Spalt was first mentioned as the St. Salvatore Monastery in 1810 but it wasn’t until 1341 that its biggest claim to fame, hops, were first cultivated. Perhaps unsurprisingly, that is when the town became known as Spalt.  The fourth largest hops growing region in Germany, Spalter hops are world-renowned and it’s hard to think of the town without not only their namesake crop but also brewery. It’s a charming place strewn with half-timbered houses, some of which are inns serving the finely hoppy Spalter Bier.

 the charming old town of Spalt

Needless to say, the town plays up their hops growing prowess with a hops museum housed in one of the town’s oldest half-timbered structures, The Kornhaus. If all this weren’t enough, the surrounding countryside is beautiful and features a few gorges for good measure. Well-marked trails crisscross the area and emanate from the town center so finding the Massendorfer Schlucht and the Müllersloch won’t be a problem.

the Massendorfer Schlucht & a Spalter beer are musts

At the end of the day, enjoy a Spalter Bier just like everyone else, tourist and local alike. This is easy too as just about every place in town has it. I was only there for a day and did a hike via the gorge to the Pfugsmühle to sample the local beer so I did not get to explore any of what looked like plenty of charming places in town to do so. I definitely plan on returning.

Die Pfugsmühle

Stadbrauerei Spalt

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