Spalter Edel Export Dunkel

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Spalter Export Dunkel

Brewery: Stadtbrauerei Spalt (Spalter Bier)
Style: Export Dunkel
Color: unfiltered chestnut

Head: off-white, creamy
, lasting
Nose: Spalter hops

Body: medium, slightly fizzy

Palate: balanced, firm Spalter hop presence

Finish: clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at Die Pfugsmühle

Impression: A bit of a fizzy pour but good head retention with a fine nose of Spalter hops. It’s surprisingly nicely balanced with firm but not overpowering hops. It’s dry but not overly bitter. I think it would make a fine dark session beer even at a deceptive 5.5%.

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2 thoughts on “Spalter Edel Export Dunkel

    1. hahaha….yes, it seems like such a low octane brew compared to craft beer in the US that extra half a percent makes a difference over a session, especially when you have to hike back to your train!

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