Braumanufaktur Lippert

brewery with seating out front

Bamberger Straße 77
96215 Lichtenfels (Seubelsdorf)
Tel: 09571/948 08 17

Lichtenfels station 1 km

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday  from 12:00
Saturday & Sunday from 10:00
Cold food from 17:00 to 20:00 (every day except Sunday from 16:00 to 20:00

Output: ?

Founded in 2012 by Peter Lippert and his son, this may have the look of a modern American craft brewery but it’s still very much a Franconian affair.  It’s grown considerably since then. There’s now some seating inside and out so you can sample their three regular beers plus one seasonal on tap. They also have a small number of cold dishes to help you stay in the game if you want to try them all.

scenes from Lippert’s tasting room

I hadn’t given much thought to visiting the brewery but had heard some good things. Since I hadn’t been back to the US in some time, it was more interesting walking into a more modern craft brewery set up than I’d imagined. If the language hadn’t been German, I would have sworn I was back home. That said, the beer styles are traditional. I started off with their Fränkisch Hell and was immediately glad I’d made the journey.

scenes from the serving area & Lippert Fränkisch Hell

I planned on trying all three beers so was unhappy to see a sign saying food was only available after 17:00 but feigned ignorance and asked if I could get something. The woman working there said she’d throw something together and I opted for their Grillbauch, a very tasty smoked pork belly. It was a good size portion and lasted me through my next couple beers, a perfectly paired Räucherla and a Sommer Pils.

tasty Grillbauch & more beers at Lippert

Even with the Grillbauch, I didn’t feel up to their Weißbier but will definitely return again to try it and I noticed on their website that they have some other seasonal beers including a Bock around Christmas!

black beer in logo glass
Lippert Schlotfeger

I still haven’t made it back for their Bock but recently stopped at the end of a tour I led over the Staffelberg. We had time before the train and had heard there was a new Schwarzbier called Schlotfeger. It was a dry roasty treat.

Beers: Fränkisch Hell, Räucherla, Seubelsdorfer Weiße

Beer calendar:
Schlotfeger (Schwarzbier), not sure if a one-off but had it the end of March 2023

Sommer Pils (July/August)
Korbmarktfestbier (September/October)
Adventsbock (November/December)

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