Lichtenfels is a mostly overlooked town with a nice main square lined with some fine architecture. Serviced by regular trains from Bamberg, it’s worth a stop for its authentic non-touristy air. It is most noted for its production of wicker baskets and hence beer has always taken a back seat thought once upon a time there were a few breweries.

All of the old breweries have closed down but there is one from 2012 which recently opened a pub in 2020.  Also, a 2.5 km stroll will take you to the village of Oberwallenstadt, where Brauerei Gasthof  Wichert is known as much for its fine food as its tasty Pils, sadly now contract-brewed since 2018.

Braumanufaktur Lippert
biergatren, bar

Gasthof Wichert (Oberwallenstadt)
brewery, beer, biergarten

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