The small village on the edge of and part of the Lichtenfels postal code wouldn’t be a place you’d generally venture to but there was a brewery there until 2018. The restaurant is still there and has excellent food but the beer is now contract-brewed. 

Gasthof Wichert
Alte Reichsstraße 50
96215 Lichtenfels (Oberwallenstadt)
Tel: 09571 33 17

Lichtenfels station 2.4 km

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Friday                           from  4:00
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10:00
Closed Monday

Output: 3000 HL (stopped brewing in 2018, Pils is now contract brewed by Püls-Bräu Weismain)

Founded in 1863 by the Wicherts, this family run enterprise features a sprawling restaurant and a mid-sized leafy self-service Biergarten. It was very busy when I stopped by for lunch on a Sunday. The weather was iffy so the Biergarten wasn’t open but I was able to sit outside under an overhang. Otherwise, I would have had a very rushed lunch as all the tables inside were reserved.

Wichert Edel Pils, a great Roulade & their not open Biergarten

I started off with their hoppy Pils which came in a Krug. When I found out they sadly no longer brew their own Dunkles (and subsequently found out that is the case as they no longer brew any of their beer), I asked for another Pils but in a glass so I could get a look at its color. This one was a bit on the fizzy side so it’s probably best to get it in the Krug unless you like a good amount of carbonation. I was hoping to have a dark beer with my Roulade but, as fine as Ott is, I couldn’t see having a beer from another brewery when in one. The server was in the weeds and without more beers to try, I felt I spent too much time there. It’s definitely worth going for lunch as the food is excellent and from the looks of the crowd, popular for it. The Pils was good too but without the food, not sure I’d go back out. Now, that I’ve found out it is no longer brewing, it’s unlikely I’d go out unless strictly looking for a meal or to check out their nice looking Biergarten.

Beers: Wichert Edel Pils, Ott Dunkles on tap. 

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