Wichert Edel Pils

yellow beer in mug
Wichert Edel Pils

Brewery: Wichert
Oberwallenstadt (Lichtenfels)
Color: pale yellow

Head: white
, rocky
Nose: faint hops

Body: medium

Palate: balanced,
Finish: semi-dry, semi-bitter, lingering

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: The first one came out in a Krug and I quite liked it. I would have said it was a Kellerbier if I hadn’t known otherwise. It was dry and not overly bitter, with a fairly low carbonation due to the shape of the vessel. I asked for the second one in a mug and it was a more modern, tall one. The pour was probably rushed due to how busy it was and hence on the fizzy side. I still enjoyed it and if you like more carbonation, it would be perfect for you. It’s certainly a beer you could session on and perhaps one day I’ll get to put that theory to test in their nice little adjacent Biergarten.

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