Brauereigasthof Zum Löwenbräu

Neuhauser Hauptstraße 3
91325 Neuhaus (Adelsdorf)
Tel: 09195/92 33 10
Brewery site:

Erlangen station 16 km

Opening hours: Middle of September until the middle of April
Monday to Thursday 17:30 to 22:00
Friday & Saturday 17:30 to 22:30
Closed Sunday (when Monday is a holiday, it’s open on Sunday and closed on Monday)

Generally only open from the middle of September until the end of April. In the warmer months, the only open their Felsenkeller.

Output: 3000 HL

Founded in 1747 and a Wirth family tradition for 10 generations, Brauereigasthof Zum Löwenbräu is a well-run updated but traditional inn with the added bonus of accommodation. We spent a night in summer and visited their nearby Felsenkeller. The owner was nice and not only let me take some photos of the interior of the pub but also turned on the lights.

cozy & traditional Zum Löwenbräu

I finally returned in April 2023 to spend a night when the pub was open and enjoyed an excellent meal and got to resample their beers. It was nice to drink them in glass to see their color. At the Keller, everything is befittingly in Krugs. Their beers are unfiltered and in many ways both of their non-Weizen beers are Kellerbiers first and foremost. I started off with their Weizen as I’d previously only had it in a bottle. The tap version was lively and refreshing. The pour was fantastic and I noticed all beers coming out were picture perfect. I also got a ginger carrot soup, which was excellent.

Kapfenweisse on tap & ginger carrot soup

I moved onto their 1747 Original. Though labeled a Helles, it’s very much a Kellerbier and has the brewery’s signature dryness. When I got the 1747 Dunkles, I was surprised to find it served in an old Krug. At the Keller, they were labeled Kellerbier hell and Kellerbier dunkel, a more accurate description to be honest.

two fine Kellerbiers

I ordered a Bierkutscher Steak which came in a rich dark beer sauce and a mound of Bratkartoffeln but oddly no salad. As much as I love roasted potatoes, it would have been nice to have half the amount and a small side salad, especially as there’s a trend even in Germany towards cutting back on carbs.  At any rate, it was a great meal and I got another Dunkles to help finish off the potatoes. I asked for a glass this time. To top off the meal, I opted for their house-made Bier Brand.

a gorgeous meal at Zum Löwenbräu

It was still early but with a room upstairs, I went up to relax a bit and catch up on some reading. I ventured back down a few hours later for a real dessert and nightcap. Another Dunkles went well with the chocolate mouse cake. I also got to sit in the more atmospheric dark wood part of the pub. The bar was adorned with lovely hops.

a nightcap is a good reason to spend the night

Breakfast was excellent and though the rooms aren’t cheap, they are good value and it’s a great place to spend a night. I can’t decided if I like the restaurant or Keller more but I can say both are musts. I’m already looking forward to my return.

I recently picked up some bottles of two of their seasonal beers and their regular Karpfenweisse and enjoyed them all.

Seasonal Fest & Märzen

Beers: 1747 Original Helles, 1747 Dunkles, Karpfenweisse on tap. Seasonal beers appear to be only in bottled form, at least when I was there in April and the Märzen Löwe was available.

Beer calendar:
Schwarzer Löwe in January/February
Märzen Löwe in March/April
Roter Löwe in May/June
Hopfen Löwe in July/August
Fest Löwe in September/October
Stark Löwe in November/December

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