Zum Löwenbräu 1747 Dunkles on tap

Zum Löwenbräu 1747 Dunkles on tap

Brewery: Brauerei Zum Löwenbräu
Neuhaus (Adelsdorf)
Dunkles/Kellerbier 5.2%
unfiltered dark chestnut
Head: off-
white, rocky, chiffon-like
Nose: light grain, underlying hops, hint of roast

Palate: balanced, roasty, underlying hops, dry

Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the Brauereigasthof

Impression: First one came in a cool old Krug so no visuals. Second one in glass is unfiltered chestnut with a rocky off-white head. Nice mix of grain and roast in the nose with a touch of hops. Even though I’m not a huge roast fan, I love it in this beer. It just mixes in so well with the dry hoppy palate. In many ways, this is a classic Kellerbier to me. It’s supremely dry and yet only mildly bitter. Not sure you get beers in the 5% range like this anywhere else.

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