Brauerei Roppelt (Trossenfurt)

An der Steige 2
97514 Oberaurach (Trossenfurt)
Tel: 09522/18 40

Ebelsbach-Eltmann station 8km

Opening hours:
Monday & Wednesday from 4:00 (without food)
Friday to Sunday     from 4:00
Closed Tuesday & Thursday

Output: 2000 HL

Founded in 1701, it has been in the Roppelt family since 1889 and they take great pride in producing their beer in small quantities to ensure quality. The pub was closed when I walked by to reach their Bierkeller just up the road but looked to be in great condition. When the weather is good between May and September, the pub does not open. Once you see the Keller, you’ll understand why. I hope to return in the cooler months to enjoy it and what sounds like a fuller range of beers.

sign saying Keller is open & Dunkel in bottle


I was unable to get back and visit the pub due to COVID restrictions but I did get their bottled Dunkel and it’s quite good. I look forward to getting to the pub when it opens!

Beers: Lagerbier, Goldpils, Dunkel, Weizen.

Beer calendar:
Bockbier in autumn

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