Roppelts Bierkeller (Trossenfurt)

bierkeller sign
An der Steige 2
97514 Oberaurach (Trossenfurt)
Tel: 09522/18 40

Ebelsbach-Eltmann Station 8km

Opening hours:
May to September
Friday to Sunday from 4:00

This atmospheric Bierkeller is just up the road from the brewery and pub. If there in the warmer months on a nice day, it is the only outlet for their beer but once you get there, you won’t be sorry. It’s one of the nicest in Franconia. There is a modern dispensary but it’s done in a style that fits a Keller and if not for the old dispensary still very well-preserved along with storage caves on the hill, you’d not even know it was renovated aside from it being in such great shape. Actually, everything there is well-kept and you can tell the owners take great pride in not only their beer but their premises.

a well-kept atmospheric Bierkeller

Since we were spending the night in town, I had envisioned trying all their beers while there so was a bit disappointed to find only their Lagerbier and Weizen were available. Once I got a taste of the Lagerbier, I wasn’t as upset as it was really excellent. We also got a Kellerplatte with not only an assortment of meats but also a nice Obatzn.

great food & beer await you

For good measure, I figured I’d try the Weizen and it was a refreshing sourish one with lots of yeast in the mix. I look forward to visiting the brewery. If their Dunkles and Pils are half as good, I’ll be happy.

a fine Weizen & lots of trees

Beers: Lagerbier, Weizen on tap. 

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